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Gas & Cryogenic Accessories

Air Liquide Offshore Energies offers a broad range of gas accessories, fittings, connectors and diving chemicals to preserve the integrity of your media transfer operations. Our portfolio is compatible with a broad range of gases delivering safe and efficient operations for both on and offshore applications.

Gas accessories

Air Liquide offers our customers a broad range of high-quality equipment to assist your operations. From regulators to cutting torches we should have what you need:

  • Single and multi stage regulators to provide efficient flow control. Our products include: inert regulator 0-250 bar, inert regulator 0-10 bar, oxygen regulator 0-10 bar and acetylene regulator. 
  • A wide range of twin hoses, cutting torches and flashback arrestors to transfer the required media safely.
  • Spark lighters, cutting nozzles, spindle keys and set tip cleaners to optimise cutting operations.

Above is a small example of the items Air Liquide can offer, for further information please contact us.

Fittings and connectors

Air Liquide offers a broad range of fittings to assist with your hook-up operations. Whether it is from a customer owned single cylinder to a complete system hookup we can provide all the necessary fittings to make safe connections and crossovers for gas transfer operations. Our offer include:

  • ISO 30 Nut & Stem
  • BS3 Male to 1/4" NPT
  • 1/4" NPT (F) to 3/8BSP Male

Contact us to discuss your system requirements, dedicated advice and supply the correct connections needed.

Diving chemicals

Air Liquide offers a broad range of diving chemicals to ensure the cleanliness and removal of carbon dioxide (CO2) when delivering critical life supporting gas mixtures to subsea divers. Please contact us for more information on our range diving gas cleaners and conditioners.

Main products in our diving chemicals offer

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