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Dry Ice Blasting an environmentally responsible and innovative solution for industrial cleaning and surface preparation

A non-abrasive, safe and environmentally responsible alternative technique to conventional surface cleaning and preparation methods. 

Operates by accelerating dry ice pellets through a compressed air stream, which sublimate upon impact on the surface being cleaned. The process is completely dry, abrasive free and because of the sublimation immediately upon impact there is no secondary waste disposal necessary. The equipment is easy to use, built to withstand the roughest of environments and most extensive use. Due to the non-abrasive nature of the blast it is safe to use on many different surface materials such as concrete, granite, steel, wood, glass or polypropylene.


Mixed media Dry Ice Blasting

Mixed Media Dry Ice Blasting combines a small amount of abrasive to the dry ice flow that provides all the benefits of dry ice blasting while also realises the benefits of traditional blasting techniques.

The amount of abrasive material deployed through the dry ice blasting system can be self regulated by the operator to ensure the mixed media system can be tailored to specific scopes of work. 

  • Zone 1 ATEX rated 
  • UKAS accredited to reduce dust levels by 90 - 99% 
  • Significantly reduces waste and dust generated over traditional methods
  • SA 2.5 surface cleanliness standards achieved during routine operation of equipment
  • Surface profile of up to 110 microns during routine operation of equipment
  • Up to 80% reduction in abrasive usage compared to traditional methods
  • The system has been developed to run on a 350CFM air compressor which feeds the correct mix of dry ice and the abrasive media from 3 to 10bar.

Dry Ice production

DI Global have a fleet of dry ice production equipment and cryogenic liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) storage tanks which can be used by customers onsite for a range of applications. They are designed to run non-stop operations in the most demanding environments.

All our equipment is self contained and transported in a single, lifting compliant, DNV certified 10ft container which is powered onsite by a standard three phase electrical supply. Cryogenic storage boxes can be provided to stockpile larger quantities of dry ice for more in depth scopes of work. LCO2 can be supplied in a 10ft tank with a second tank used for backfilling and rotations to ensure a constant supply. LCO2 supply is supported and sourced through the global Air Liquide network.


Manpower Service

DI Global specialise in equipment rental but can also perform blasting services with personnel ready to carry out all types of dry ice blasting activities for customers worldwide. This compliments our equipment rental service and means we provide a complete package of works for any project. Our skilled people are trained and have experience in all aspects of dry ice production and blasting.

Training and monitoring services: Our technicians are ready to fully integrate with your team to provide onsite training.

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