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Cryogenic assets and NPUs

A range of liquid gas tanks, liquid nitrogen pumps and nitrogen production units used in offshore well service operations.

Liquid gas tanks (10ft & 20ft)

Our cryogenic ISO tank are vacuum-insulated liquid gas transportable / storage tank. 10ft tanks are approved for offshore use.

Designed to transport liquid gases by road, rail and sea, our tanks are CSC-approved and meet IMDG requirements.

We can provide them from various depots around the world.


Cryogenic pump

The 180 k liquid nitrogen pumping skid is a self contained unit capable of pumping and vaporising 180,000 SCFH at 70°F and pressures up to 10,000 psi when supplied with liquid nitrogen from a suitable tank. Our equipment has a pump rating of 3,000 SCFM at 6,000 psi.


Nitrogen production units

Nitrogen production units (NPU) take untreated compressed air and convert it into nitrogen at purities from 95% – 99.9%. This untreated air goes through a selection of filtration methods (coalescing, moisture and carbon) to remove hydrocarbons (oils), moisture and particulates. After this filtration, the air passes through the membranes where the molecules are separated. The nitrogen flows through the membrane fibres from one end to the other, and the other gases dissipate through the sides of the membrane to form what is called permeate gases (waste). All systems are ergonomically designed to allow safe operation and maintenance.


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